Rumba like control features

Rumba like control features
As you can see in this video we have controls to be able to edit each limb with extreme precision through button and combo button presses~
Shift + mouse movement up = able to rotate as much as possible
Shift + mouse movement side = Forward & Backwards
Ctrl = up and down movement
Ctrl + Shift = Custom manipulators that you could assign something like you click a single finger on your rigged mesh and you have it automatically bend each finger that you do for the first one IE you make one finger do a fist the other 3 fingers and thumb follow

Last thing from Rumba but you’re able to “blast out” multiple keyframes like as shown in the video, adjust the distance between each frame, then able to edit each keyframe, you can turn off influence so you can manually tweak each keyframe with no influence from the previous or forward keyframe or you can have it as you tweak a keyframe it affects the other keyframes near it like usual.

Thanks for the suggestion! Would it be possible to demonstrate what you are able to achieve with these features? It’s hard to trust trailers and videos from the developer on whether features actually benefit users, so it would be very helpful to see you actually benefit from it.

Yea absolutely I’ll record a video right now

It just seems like a very nice animated layer system.

Thanks, but this is still very surface-level.

Designing features that look good in a trailer is easy. Designing features that benefit a production workflow is different. In order to know whether this makes sense in a workflow, it would help to see this workflow along with what the workflow lead to. I.e. the final result.

3:53 Temporal editing

This is a good example of something that looks great in a trailer and makes sense to a programmer, but I have yet to see an animator benefit from it beyond that first “wow”

5:10 Posing

This is a little subjective so it’s hard to comment on.

Would it be possible to demonstrate something you have animated in the past? It would help build credibility that we’re talking beyond just that first wow-factor of new features in new tools.

is all I can reply with, If you really think a per limb layer system is just wow factor idrk what to say to that if you see 0 possible use out of it, same with editing multiple keyframes in a single viewport I know tons of ILM and other big animators that like rumba love this feature but I can only offer what I think would work well with the program, wish you guys the best of luck and if you guys see no use case out of this bit saddened to hear that