Rotation Pop on a marker

On this one, RD seems to want to pop this marker 90 degrees as soon I go to the first frame in the timeline. I tried playing with the limits, but it still seems to be pushing it backwards. The other side of this character is mirrored and I’m not getting any of this type of rotation. In the rig, this type of movement is not allowed as it breaks the limb.

Hi @Leethul, this happens because the the limits are locked and the physical axes are not aligned with Maya’s axes. With the limits enabled (but not locked), you should see those little red and green lines not fitting inside of the limits. Ragdoll will try and correct that as soon as the simulation starts.

The first port to call would be to simply disable the limits; it is very unusual to have all axes locked, as it implies you do not want the Marker to rotate at all. In this scenario, it would be much better to simply not assign a Marker at all, since it would literally have no effect, other than make the simulation more challenging to solve.

If you do need one or two axes locked, then you can re-align the axes.

Misalignment can happen if markers are assigned, and then the assigned node changes, like if they are mirrored after assignment. You can re-align the two with that little Reset button in the Manipulator Limit Mode HUD. Or via Ragdoll → Utilities → Reset Constraint Frames with the control or Marker selected.

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