Robot vs Sentinel

Hey gang !

here’s the basic planning of the Shot that I am working for August , Once I start geeting better timing I will have to edit and re adjust the camera

I hope I can have a nice version for the end of the week or next week


I start shaping this piece of wood ! Sharing some WIP

I am loving the tentacles set up ! So fast ! … interactive and very easy to pose. !

I start adjusting timing and camera on the fly !


Looking cool!

I wonder what it would look like without pin constraints. :blush: That is, without gravity, animating the tentacles using nothing but the default Local space, and try to have him push himself off of the space station and towards the mecha. The mecha has got thrusters and things to navigate weightlessness, but the tentacle bot doesn’t seem to have that.

You could use an Attach Constraint between main body and claws to gain similar control, whilst still allowing it to move about freely and realistically in space. (20.6 KB)


More WIP…

Animating 9 tentacles… takes time even with Ragdoll… but still is way funnier and faster !

  • New pass… adding more attitude and intention to the tentacles.
  • Worked out the throw and crash of the Robot.
  • Still lots of improvements to do !

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baby Sentinel Steps !!!

Finally I was able to use Locomotion with the Sentinel,
this is the first pass… I will have to adjust and add some low stiffness to the small arms …

This is coming in the right direction!

I have to re-direction the walk to work better with the camera.

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Just did a new pass , for the Landing and walking toward the Robot.

This is shaping out nicely!


Get em!! those tentacles are feeling really nice!

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Goshhh!!!.. running out of time, let see how far I can do in the next two nights !!!

New WIP to complete the action.

I think now is when I would spend more time stagging and timing out all the actions.

@Jason @marcus . One question… For those limbs that I am trying to detach , what’s the best way to make them “dinamic” and not to try to come back to the body? maybe adding an auxiliary marker ?
I’ve seen how Jason, break things on the fly.

right now, the markers if Soft, I am lowering down the stiffness to 0.001 and leaving the damping on 0.1

So far! happy with the RIG… working pretty cool! I don’t want to animate tentacles without ragdoll any mover/ ever !


Looook at those tentacles!!! As for pulling body parts off I take the translation stiffness to 0 and pose stiffness to 0 too so it’s no longer being driven by translate or rotate- this will cause the arm to be free to simulate on the ground.


Last stretch!

I did try the arm detaches and worked ! Thank you Jason… BUT… for my surprise, the model is one mesh and is not prepared to be detached. :disguised_face:

Here is one Playblast of the ragdoll and one playblast with the models baked.

I will try to find some time to add some quick details and improve grabs… if not… that will be my last submission

I had a be of a rough time baking the Robot, as for some reason the COG was not picking the proper keyframes, I end up using on marker to extract the animation of the hip and plug that to the COG and bake it for presentation.

Cheers…!!! I would like to have a better version with those clamps grabbing better and doing an additional Ragdoll pass… but 390 frames is getting longer and longer…!


@marcus and @Jason I finally found some time to create the breakdown.
Before I post the link on my social media / make it public, I want to share it with you, and see if there is any trouble (for the logo, link and credits) or any restriction. Also if there is something that is not clear or has any mistake, let me know… I did this at night and had not fresh eyes.

I had to upload it to YouTube, since it is long and could not compress more than 10 megas

Many thanks to both… next project coming will be exiting, I am cooking new stuff !!!


That is fantastic! :star_struck: Thanks for this @Andrei_da_02, warms my heart to see great use of Ragdoll in the hands of a great artist! The shot at 1:22 especially is marvellous! And the use of Locomotion, extraordinary! @costashatz Check out 1:53!


This is indeed fantastic! Thanks for sharing @Andrei_da_02 ! I was sure I had seen the usage of locomotion in the rendered clip! Nice to confirm officially :slight_smile: Keep it up!

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Missed this, yes of course. You can use any graphics you find online about Ragdoll anywhere you like. In fact here is a “presskit” with some graphics you can use next time too.


Dude! this is a solid breakdown! great stuff! Imagine animating all those tentacles …eeeee…