Rigth simulation parameters when the settings are in meters

I am working in a project where 1 unit is one meter.
i played with the solver scale, that is default at 0.1 and i think 10 is the value i need to use, i tried first 0.01 without good result.
My intuition is saying the normal scale 1 = 1 decimeter.

the other thing is the ground plane doesn’t change even if i change the size of the plane , can be i am forgetting to update something. But i think is only visual as is an infinite plane.

Apart of the solver scene scale is enithing else i will need to tweet.

Hi @luisSanJuan, welcome to the forums! :partying_face:

Ragdoll uses whatever units your Maya is currently set to; so if it’s meters, than any distance-based attribute, like gravity, will be meters too. Air Density is not based on distance, so it is independent of the Maya units. If you look at any distance-based attribute in the Channel Box as you change the Maya units, you’ll see how they dynamically update to reflect that unit.

If your character is unscaled - for example 1.8m Maya units tall - then your Scene Scale should be 1.0. As in, unscaled. The default of 0.1 assumes that your characters are 0.1 the size of its true scale, which just happens to be what most studios use and what people typically expect when making capsules and boxes in an empty scene on a default Maya grid.

So in short, nothing changes when you change the Maya unit. All other recommendations and tutorials for Ragdoll still apply.

Here’s a character that’s 1.8m tall in a Maya scene with Meters for units.

meters.zip (205.7 KB)

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Thanks, Marcus for the speedy reply, and the demo file. I never used distance dimension before and is a nice visual tool.
I will use scale 1 on my scenes.
I did realize values as gravity adjusted too as you mention as i changed the units.

I think the studio is going to one meter 1 unit, to encounter the precision issues in Maya a bit less.