Riding Manikin

Hi all,

Put together a little sample of how to get some nice secondary motion out of one ragdoll riding another ragdoll. :blush:

This technique would work with horseback riding, or anytime a character is attached to a moving platform. Like on a spaceship or boat.

manikin_riding_v001.zip (1.6 MB)


The two parts that make this work is:

  1. Pin Constraint for the head
  2. Attach Constraint for the hands

The Pin Constraint gives you control over the global direction the head is looking. The Attach Constraints on the other hand attaches the hands relative the head; so when the head moves, the hands move with it. That position and orientation can be animated too.

Finally, some Locomotion drives the bottom character so as to get some nice motion to work with. It transitions from Kinematic to Dynamic at the end, which relaxes them both into a nice comfy pose.

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