Retargetting markers/collison objects

Hello again,

So retargeting the controls to the markers works great… but can we change the controls/joints that drive the markers?

example -

Built a ragdoll using FK cons - all the joint limits and colliders are working nicely, but I now decide I want IK… I don’t want to do all that work again… and in my rig, the FK roughly match the joint positions. Can I retarget somehow to get the joints to move the markers I have already created?

I expect the answer is no… which is fine… but it would be cool :smiley:

let me know if I missed something!

The answer is yes. :slight_smile:

See the Reassign menu command.

You can also look at the marker in the Node Editor, and you will find that there is a connection from what you originally assigned to the marker. It will be a World Matrix connection. If you manually connect any other node into the marker, that will be the same as Reassign.

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