Retargeting multiple controls to a single marker


As the title says… is there a way? I have a rig with multiple layers of controls on an IK chain. I have found I get the nicest results by using the joint chain to create the markers, but retargeting back to the controls I get funny results… if I were to do it manually I would constrain multiple controls to the same point on the chain (as they control the same part and then when baked give me something I am familiar with working with) - is there a way to set this up in the retarget preferences?

A separate/ but related question - when using joints for markers and then retargeting… will ragdoll ever try to bake that animation back onto the joint? if so… how can this be avoided?

In this example I have more joints than I do controls… but I want to use them all for the simulation/markers chain, then reconstraining I only want to constrain certain points to the rig I have.

Hi @Bernie, welcome to the forums! :partying_face:

Excellent question, and yes you can. See the Append option of the Retarget menu item.

In the latest version, this was also improved with a new UI for managing retargeting, where you can visually see where things will be recorded, and be able to remove any retargets such that a joint doesn’t get recorded anywhere.

Does that help?

Yes - that helped - thanks. One thing though - on the editor, it would be great to allow the columns to be resized… I notice you can’t always see the full name of control if you have a long namespace/complex heirachy… perhaps there is already a way to do this? (I couldn’t see one)

Yes you are right, a much-too-common criticism of the Ragdoll UIs in general. It’s on our map to roll out resizable UIs across the board, it will soon be a thing of the past. Thanks for the feedback!