Retarget window GUI issue

I using google translate.

My env is maya2023.3
Ragdoll ver is 2023.04.08

The target may be omitted in the retarget window GUI.
The retarget window GUI cannot be expanded horizontally or scrolled horizontally through the list.
This makes editing the retarget nearly impossible.

I’m sorry, but I don’t know a definitive way to reproduce this situation.

If the target is omitted, the user should be able to expand and see it.
Could you improve the usability of the retarget window GUI?

Thank you.

Thanks for reporting this @norihide, this is a known issue that’s been on our list for a while. I’ll see if we can incorporate this into our next release.


There seems to be nothing the user can do when encountering this issue, so I want improvement it.
I’m glad I was able to tell you.

Thank you for your reply.

Hi @norihide ,

Here’s my “workaround” for this exact issue:
Select the Control in the Tree view, then in the Retarget Marker options>Editor, press the top-left button to switch the Control names to the other side. The Control will remain selected when switching.


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( I using google translate. )

I didn’t notice that.
Thank you for teaching me.

Thank for your help.

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