Replace mesh doesn´t work


Not sure what happens but I import a FBX to use that geometry in Ragdoll (I did it a lot of times without problem ) but now when selecting replace mesh the manipulator becomes a sphere. The meshes haven’t history by the way
Any idea what’s happening?

What does the mesh look like? Are you able to use Replace Mesh with a regular Maya polyCube? Are there any messages in the Script Editor?

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I should have tried this before, you are right… with that polycube it works so I assume it’s a problem with my imported mesh. What I obtain in script editor is

from ragdoll import interactive as ri

I’ll try importing that mesh again in other format

Thanks, Marcus

Without seeing what the mesh looks like it’s hard to say what the problem may be. But things to look out for is a mesh where each face is disconnected. Try selecting a face or vertex and translate it; if it comes apart then that could be an issue. Ragdoll would try and make a collision shape out of each face.

You can try and play with some of these settings to see if anything changes.


And these, under the Advanced tab of the Marker.


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Markus, it was my fault. I realized I exported that geometry without thickness ( I created it using Blender and later exported to FBX) That mesh didn’t have thickness because the solidify modifier wasn’t exported.
Since I hide that geometry when replacing I didn´t see the problem, sorry. I have made you waste time :frowning:

The good news I learn a lot reading your answer

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