References for realistic motion

Hello there!
Just started with this awesome tool and testing the demo. Wanted to ask how to get more “life like” results and if there are showcase videos done with Ragdoll?

Hi @L.Tuu and welcome to the forums! :partying_face:

Ragdoll is lifelike by default. As in, all of the forces and masses and contacts are modelled realistically unless you tune it otherwise.

For example: The fall - Ragdoll Blender - #9 by Manikandan_Rajendran

Have you gotten results that does not live up to the level of realism you are after? If so please do share here and we can try and work you through it.

For more examples have a look at our YouTube and LinkedIn pages.

That looks good, but what i meant was more of inertia of mass. More heaviness to the movements, when you have full control of markers.
What i have right now is a basic doll which behaves too stiff or too puppet like when changing stiffness/damping.

Would it be possible to upload a video of what you have at the moment? If it’s confidential, can you reproduce something with cubes/capsules to illustrate what you have?

Nothing confidential, basic humanoid starting doll basically with default settings on so on :sweat_smile:
Will post an example tomorrow.

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