Record Simulation Problems

Hi @frasu, welcome to the forums and sorry to hear Ragdoll is giving you issues.

Can you confirm whether…

  1. Did recording work previously, and this only recently started freezing?
  2. Are you on Windows, Linux or Mac?

Here’s a few things to try.

  • Try recording in a new scene, with just a box.
  • Try recording with Maya set to Serial or DG evaluation mode, rather than Parallel.
  • Try the latest version, 2022.06.09
  • Try Ragdoll → System → Reset Preferences

95% is interesting, that’s where the Rotation Filter is applied. So also try…

  • Set Rotation Filter to Off in the Record Simulation options dialog

Other than that:

As a workaround, can you try this.

  1. Ragdoll → Utilities → Extract Simulation

Does that work? If it does, then go into the options and enable Attach Controls


If this works, you are half-way there. Your controls are now constrained to the simulation, the remaining step is to bake it out. So run Maya’s Edit -> Keys -> Bake Results command.

And let me know how it goes, and we’ll continue from here.

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