Record simulation Create translation

Helllo ~
Trying to relearn Ragdoll. :slight_smile:
Anyone know how to record simulation without translation being key?

for some reason, when record simulation, I have wonky translation key that break the rig.
I cannot lock the channel as it is a referenced rig.

In the current version of Ragdoll, you have two checkboxes to control where to record.

Prior to that, one workaround is allow locking of referenced attributes.

Another workaround is to retarget to another node and constrain your control to it. E.g.

  1. Make a new locator
  2. Parent it to your control
  3. Zero out its translate/rotate channels
  4. Re-parent it to the parent of that control
  5. Constrain your control to it
  6. Retarget the control to the locator

A third workaround is to remove the translation keyframes after recording.

Hey Marcus!

Thanks for these detail options!
I used the third option. Ha.

Noted about all the option!