... Ratatouille" ... // Just having Fun with fileds

Hey gang !
I want to share this example/ exercise that I’ve been playing around.

I have been done using “Air” field and a “Pin” to drive the rotations and direction of the … that’s it !

I did a pretty cheap proxy of the geo … (While I find a proper RAT model)

this Image shows the only object that is animated on this scene:
I pretty much connect the values of the Field that I wanted to animate to control the character to a Locator with some custom attrs.

more to come !

thanks to the generous “Master of Puppets” ! XD … :nerd_face:

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Soo much fun!!! New path sim anim

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You can animate the Direction XYZ values, but it’s kind of tedious.

Here’s how you can convert regular Rotate XYZ into Direction XYZ values.

  1. Make a locator
  2. Set Translate X = 1
  3. Group it

Now whenever you rotate the group, the locator will produce Direction XYZ values. So the only thing left to do is connect them to the field.

  • locatorShape1.worldPosition[0]airField1.direction
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Awesome !!! thanks for the tip !!! I will try out for sure

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