Ragdoll Integration with Slack or Confluence


My team is currently working to make Ragdoll a part of our pipeline, and are looking for ways to automate communication between our ragdoll server and our other software. We currently have more animators using Ragdoll than ragdoll licenses, so a running tracker of our floating licenses (information about how many are currently checked out, who has them checked out, and our server status) that automatically updates would be extremely helpful. We mainly use Slack and Confluence, so integrating our ragdoll server there would be ideal. Does ragdoll currently support any integration like this, or work with existing scripts that would accomplish this? Or is there a way to track licenses from inside of maya? Any tips or tricks would help.


Hi @Hallie,

Yes, this is a common requirement, with not-so-common usage patterns. Some use Confluence, others use Shotgun, others use their own stack entirely.

Best we’ve got so far is a standalone Python API around the licence server, something to launch the server for you and monitor its output.

Have a look at this and let me know if it fits. I’d love to make something even more general, but it’s been hard to find common ground for everyone.

Thank you, this is extremely helpful!!!

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