Ragdoll for Blender 1.0

It’s out. :slight_smile:

Ragdoll for Blender is now stable and suitable for production work, homemade shortfilms, fooling around, you name it.

Enjoy a little collage of Ragdoll footage, intended for our new Blender audience (Maya users may have already seen some of this :blush:)

Also enjoy the new website design, now accommodating for both Blender and Maya, and the forthcoming Ragdoll SDK, take a look!

Enjoy, and let us know if you run into any issues! :partying_face:


Hello Marcus I have been following your work for quite a while. What a beautiful surprise to see that you released a version for blender already! I just downloaded it yesterday and I am trying to figure it out joyfully. I don’t understand something though and I guess tutorials will be following up but I can’t figure out how to record/transfer the live action to the original rig. It is pretty unclear to me how to use the extra timeline as well. I tried it all but no result. Could you help me with this? Do I ask at the right place? Let me know, cheers,
thanks again!

This is indeed the right place! Have a look at this Quickstart from the release notes above, should get you going.

Any questions from there, keep letting us know here. There’s another tutorial coming up shortly!

Thank you Marcus, I did watch it all (even the last one you dropped a couple of hours ago. It is a really good one). Thank you for all of these. I still don’t really manage to animate using the live action option. It transfers the pose to the original model for a little while and then the original model gets stuck but even if this doesn’t happen, I don’t find a way to recover and transfer the poses to the original character. I guess a new tutorial covering this will come any time soon so I will stay patient but that’s such an exciting thing you have created here! I want to learn it all right away!

Hi @Kekoland, let’s see if we can walk through your scenario, are you able to record your screen? If you can, pop open a new thread so we can focus in on this, I can try and provide some examples too.

Getting questions about the keymapping within the Manipulator, and so far we’ve only documented the Alt-navigation (“Industry Standard”), so we’ve added some reference material here.

Blender keymapping

Action Key
Translate Ctrl + LMB
Rotate Ctrl + Alt + LMB
Scale Ctrl + Shift + LMB

Industry Standard (Alt-navigation) keymapping

Action Key
Translate MMB
Rotate Ctrl + MMB
Scale Ctrl + LMB
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For the trial version, it’ll last you 30 days and enable recording up to 100 frames. At the moment, there is no notification when recording past 100 frames, instead your controls will all go to 0, 0, 0 on the 101th frame onwards. Working on better messaging for this. :construction_worker_man:

New patch release is out, addressing some minor bugs, primarily related to the 100 frame trial limit and a few papercuts when recording your simulations.

Ragdoll 2024.03.07

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Hello, Marcus. I have a question about the trial version. When I’m posing in Live Mode, the original object isn’t following the ragdoll. Is it because this feature isn’t available in the trial version?

There is a little orange diamond icon in the bottom panel, click that to transfer the physics pose to your Blender character.

I think I worded my question poorly, although I have a question about the difference between the hollow and the solid orange diamond icons as well. What I meant was, can I make the character follow the ragdoll across many keyframes in Live Mode?

Edit: Probably worded it poorly again. I mean, can I automatically keyframe all the movements of the ragdoll as I move it in Live Mode, and transfer it to the character?

At the moment in Blender, both diamonds transfer the pose and set a keyframe. Also in Blender, it is currently not possible to have it auto-transfer when posing.

What should happen, as soon as the next patch is up, is for the hollow diamond to transfer the pose without keyframing, and the other keyframe. And shift-clicking on either should do exactly what you describe. This is what currently happens in Maya already.

Okay thank you. One more question. This is similar to the previous question, just not with auto-keying. I first moved the ragdoll in Live Mode, then tried to record its movements to the original cube. That is currently not possible, right?

That is possible, if you cache the simulation.

The reason it doesn’t record it in your video, is because recording returns to the start frame automatically which wipes your Live Mode edits. But if you set the Solver to Cache = Static, then when you enter Live Mode your edits will be cached and preserved when recording the result.

Okay. I just tried it. I don’t know if this is a bug or not. If I do the recording with these steps, even if I have set the Cache to Static, it doesn’t work.

However, if I exit Live Mode before recording, it works. I don’t know if this is because it only caches outside Live Mode. But I can’t play back the ragdoll animation for preview before recording because it wipes off the cache. Exiting Live Mode also turns the cache back to “Off” every time.

Yes, this is the intended behaviour. Ideally, recording should move you out of Live Mode automatically, I’ll see if we can patch this up next.

Then I think recording is what sets Cache to Off, because of the “Auto Cache” tick box in the recording options, rather than exiting Live Mode. Can you confirm?

You are right that it’s recording that sets the Cache to Off. So if I want to keep it at Static after recording, I should have “Auto Cache” on, right?

Edit: And how do I choose the range of frames that I want to record or simulate? By limiting the range of frames in the timeline?


At the moment, it uses your Blender frame range. There are properties on the solver to control this, but I don’t think they are plugged in yet.

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