Ragdoll assume a pose

I have a question, I’m working with games currently and I want to have ragdoll simulation during the anim but when I get to the final frame I need to assume exactly the pose I have, what parameters should I tweak for that?

Also, I’m encountering a bug where the arm shows the interaction with my cape object on the ragdoll markers but when I click Record Simulation the arm and the cape simulate but not their interaction, do you know what I am missing?
Thank you very much

Another question, can I apply a Field on a specific group? Like I want the wind only on the cape

Hi @aferreirasimoes.

See these answers here.

In the interest of making posts self-contained and easily searchable in the future, it would be great to keep 1 question per thread. But to answer it briefly, the only way to limit the influence of a field is by excluding Markers from all fields, via this attribute.