Ragdoll 2022.11.29

A few minor versions has been released since the 29th.


Repair broken Locomotion.


Repair broken Educational licences, they were acting like trial/non-commercial licences.


Keep fields with 0 magnitude from affecting anything.

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New minor release, added two new environment variables to control where and when to use threading. Mostly for debugging, and the 1 case of something crashing when using threading.

Ragdoll 2022.12.18

  • Added RAGDOLL_SINGLE_THREADED_QT=1 to disable threading when preparing the Asset Library icons. This can add a second or so to the loading time of the Ragdoll plug-in.
  • Added RAGDOLL_SINGLE_THREADED_INTERNET to disable threading when checking for internet and updates to the software. Regardless of whether you actually have access to the internet from within Maya, checking for it still takes time. Worst case scenarios this can take up to 10 seconds, but more likely less than 1 second.

Using these can help narrow down a potential crash, at the expense of a few seconds to plug-in load.

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One more minor update, adding this flag to bypass the use of urllib, which in some circumstances can cause Maya to crash violently.

Ragdoll 2022.12.20

import os
os.environ["RAGDOLL_SKIP_UPDATE_CHECK"] = "Yep"

See Python is requesting input - #25 by marcus for context.

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Ragdoll 2022.12.21

Minor release, fixing an issue with importing .rag files with replaced meshes that has been negatively scaled. Loading .rag files was just fine, only import was affected.

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