Ragdoll 2022.05.04

New release is out! :partying_face:

This one has taken longer than before; for two reasons.

  1. Aggressive expansion :sweat_smile: - There were 5 (!) of us working on Ragdoll in parallel, and most of that work it not yet ready for the public eye. Except the new Retargeting UI by @davidlatwe!
  2. Delays delays delays - The main feature intended for this release is still under wraps, and will make an appearance in about 2 weeks! Unless there is some kind of delay. :thinking: But trust me, you’re not gonna see this one coming. :slight_smile:

Heads up
There was a :fire: last night that may have affected you, see here for details.

Let me know what you think, and if you have any questions then this is the place to ask. Now go get it! :dancing_women:


Great stuff, guys! Already bug hunting on my end, I suppose :smiley:

The new Retarget Marker options UI has a fixed width, which prevents me from seeing the stuff on the right-hand side. I have 3 setups in the scene under the same Solver, so names and setups are pretty long.

Edit: Found that I can use the top-left options to reorganize the View, so I’ll use that for now. That said, it would be nice to resize the UI width-and-height-wise to take advantage of all the features available.

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Yes, agreed. The same can be said about the Import and Export UIs. I think now is the time to finally address this, it will be part of the next release. :+1:

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