.rag extension issue

Hi, facing a weird issue while exporting/importing rag files. when exporting, the rag file extension doesn’t get added on by default, and so when I try to import physics, the file doesn’t show up. I noticed this is an issue you fixed in the 2022.03.14 release but for some reason occurs for me on a newer release on Maya. Have there been issues like this reported previously? some extra details below.

DCC: Maya 2022
OS: linux centOs
Ragdoll Dynamics: 2023.04.09

Hi @JackCane, welcome to the forums, and sorry to hear you are having issues. But yes, this is indeed something we’ve noticed too, exclusively on Linux. When saving the file, you’ll need to ensure you include the .rag suffix. You can also retroactively rename the file once saved to .rag

It’s on my list of things to address but has fallen behind, I’ll bump this up since it should be trivial to fix.

If you or anyone is up for a Python hacking session, you can address the issue yourself in your locally installed copy of Ragdoll here:

If you do, feel free to post your fix here and we’ll incorporate it in the next release.

New version is out now to address this, and only this. Give it a try!

Ragdoll 2024.05.15

Hi @marcus, tested it out and it works well!! Thanks for the fix!

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