Questions about, weld, adjust plan timing on tear off, increase tension on joint

hey! Thanks fun stuffs to test! Thought of trying some ragdolling.
Using maya 2018 here.

1)about welding, is it possible to animate weld and unweld as if we are constraining.

2)also tried to work on the plan timing, seems to be issue to work with tear off viewport.

3)general crab legs tips to maintain tension. mine always flop and doesnt pin at the contact. :frowning:

thanks! great stuffs to play with!

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Hey @kaehwai, welcome to the forums! :partying_face:

It is not possible to animate this, the current best option is to use one or more Distance Constraints instead, as they can be animated. In the next release, you will have a Attach Constraint which is like a Weld Constraint that can be animated.

Oh oh, thanks for bringing this up. I will investigate. Do you mean it doesn’t draw correctly, or that you cannot interact with it on a torn off viewport? Can you share a screenshot of what you see?

Hm, which markers do you create pins from? There are little spheres at the tip of each foot, those should be the ones to receive pins. Other than that, it’s hard to see from your video what could be wrong. Can you include a video with the plan selected?

heres a demo,
with tear off, it is almost impossible to get it. It still kinda work but there is a very precise spot to click on.

question about legs tension.

I’m thinking individual set of joints as a primary rotations and secondary. I am hoping to tell ragdoll
dont bend as much ( follow the initial joint pose more ) So we have a choice to tighten up to keep the character pushing up.

Hi Kaehwai,

There are groups that control all the markers under it .

Adjusting the pose Stiffness to a higher value is like flexing and holding strong to the input shape/animation from the rig.

The legs are at default 1 with a Pose Stiffness at 10 or more you’ll find the leg to be more supportive of the body

Brilliant thanks for the detail snaps! Jason.

I did try to adjust stiffness. Maybe I got the wrong marker. Will give it a go!

The groups effect all the markers in that group as an additive.So rather than adjust all the markers for a leg to 10 stiffness, keep them all at 1 and adjust the groups stiffness.