Question about the weight of the object

Maybe I’m not doing something right. I change the mass of the object, its density. But the result (simulation) does not change. The motion of an object with mass 1 and mass 500,000 looks the same. Could you suggest what I’m doing wrong?


Mass is unused when there is Density. Density is used to automatically compute a Mass based on its shape (its total volume), so in order to use Mass you must first set Density = 0.

The second issue however is that, no matter the mass this particular scene will not change its behaviour with Mass. What is it you expect to have happen when the box following your capsule is heavier? The capsule is Kinematic, meaning it is infinitely strong. Following your animation exactly. So the heavier the box, the more force that capsule is applying to the box. And it’s proportional to its Mass. With an infinitely heavy box, the force will be infinite.

To get any effect from Mass, there must be another Dynamic object acting on it. For example, if you make a seesaw with two boxes of the same size and density, and then increase the density of one of them. Or if you load the Manikin asset, and make one of its hand much heavier. You’ll find the hand drops to the ground and become less affected by the other much lighter parts of the character.

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You’re right. The capsule is infinitely strong, I didn’t think about it. You helped, as always. Thanks a lot. Very interesting plugin, opens up a lot of new possibilities for animation.