Proper Approach to Animate Multiple Characters

I’m still a newbie to Ragdoll so please forgive me if the question seems simple. I’m trying to use ragdoll to create a crowd animation for my short film where I have multiple identical characters being dragged on the ground. So I was wondering what would be the best approach to:

  1. duplicate the same ragdoll setup to several dozen of the same character (I am using a non-commercial license right now, so the export physics only allows 10 segments, unfortunately :frowning:
  2. animate them properly when they’re being dragged on the ground, and colliding with each other
    Would appreciate your help, thanks!

Welcome to the forums, @zoucha :partying_face:

Without an ability to export, your next best option I’d wager is to setup your character like a normal rig, and reference it multiple times. If your characters aren’t interacting, then you’re done. If they need to interact, you can use Link Solvers to turn each solver into one. Or you can use Merge Solver to physically combine them all into one, this should work even on referenced characters.

Here’s a quick example of duplicating a referenced box and merging their solvers.

  1. Reference a box
  2. Duplicate reference
  3. Select both solvers (last selected will become the resulting merged solver)
  4. Ragdoll → Edit → Merge Solvers

Let me know if this works for you or if you have any other questions.

Thanks Marcus for such detailed reply! Yes my characters are gonna interact, I’ll test it out right now and let you know :heart:

Hey Marcus it works great, thanks again!

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