Problem with attaching hands to box and the final scene doens't work as showing in th example

Greetings. I’m at the mocap chapter and I’m can’t get pass the part where the character picks up the box by using friction, I have also trying using constrain and it doesn’t work either, and I can’t offset the constraint distance either. I downloaded the example final scene and it doesn’t work either. Thanks for your time.

Example final scene

My scene

Hi @PchanPchan, welcome to the forums! :partying_face:

Thanks for reporting this, I can confirm this is happening on our end as well. Updating the example and documentation now; the Distance Constraint needs a higher stiffness since this example was first created, rather than a value of 2 you now need 2000.

As for the offset, this should work as in the documentation. Are you able to post a recording of what you experience, or a series of steps we can follow to reproduce what you see?

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Greetings. Thanks a lot for taking the time to answer me.
The issue with stiffness was solved after increasing the value to 2000. I tried to recreate the issue with the offsets again a couple of times but it worked both of them. Which means It was my fault. I have a question about the tutorial. I think I may have misread the explanation : what I understood is that my character should be able to hold the box just by friction as it is seen in the video above.

thanks once again in advance

It’s still possible, the difference between the old and new versions of Ragdoll is that the box has become heavier (due to correct computation of mass based on volume). The box is essentially filled with water, and at that size would weigh ~27 kg. Quite the thing to pick up!

If you reduce its density such that it is easier to pick up, and increase its size such that he grabs it more tightly, you can make it behave more like an empty cardboard box instead, like in the original video.

You can alternatively make his arms/hands bigger, or edit the animation to bring his arms/hands closer together, creating a tighter grip.

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Greetings. Thanks a lot. Now it works !!!