PoseX search radius increase


Trying to setup my character but im not seeing how i’m able to increase the search radius for the symmetry pose above 10? Is this possible somehow?

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In most cases, there is no need to look for mirrored marker over 10 units of search radius.

Here’s how mirror selection works.

First, with mirror selection mode enabled, you will have to check the Symmetry Axis.

  • If you are working with joints, then Pose [XYZ] mode should work.
  • If you are working with meshes, then World [XYZ] mode it is.

After that, Ragdoll will mirror a point across the Symmetry Axis you have picked, then look for markers that is located around that point within the Search Radius.

So, if Ragdoll does not find any mirrored marker, do make sure that you have picked the right Symmetry Axis. Or, the marker is just not strictly mirrored (too much offset).

Hope this helps!

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