PoseSpace node inputs do they do anthing in latest release?

Hello there ,
I am currently switching to the latest release of ragdoll so I am currently working on updating python tools.

It was mentioned in a post below that the pose space atttribute has been retired, but it looks like there still there and its node inputs as well. Do these still do anything? Is this also the same for the pose stiffness and damping attributes?
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Hi @OliviaBallam, welcome to the forums! :partying_face:

You are correct that these have been retired, but they remain behind as a backwards compatibility feature, to keep old Maya scenes working. The Attribute Editor isn’t as dynamic as the Channel Box, so they visually remain in there regardless of whether you use them or not.

They can be enabled when you assign a new Marker.

Under the hood, this toggle sets a hidden attribute on the Marker called useLinearAngularStiffness. When this attribute is True then those Pose attributes will be used.

With this in mind, everything the old Pose attributes can do can be done using the newer Rotate and Translate Stiffness attribute, where the “World” options can be achieved with the Pin Constraint. So you are advised to stick with the newer attributes, and expect these to entirely vanish at some point in the future, when we can rest assured that even the eldest of Ragdoll scenes no longer use them.