"Pose Match" not giving proper results


I am trying to make a simple simulation based on “Intro to Markers - Full Ragdoll II” video. I want my mannequin to collapse and rotate his pelvis in the air. When I set pelvis rMarker or rGroup behaviour to Pose Match/local it won’t affect the simulation. Any ideas what may have gone wrong?

Hello, not sure I understand. A screenshot or recording would help solidify the problem. Could it be that your simulation is cached? If so, try calling Ragdoll -> Cache -> Uncache.

Here is the video. unfortunately uncaching didn’t help.

Hm, that seems to work? What results are you expecting?

I was trying to make pelvis to rotate while the mannequin is collapsing and right now I can only make him either collapsing or rotating, not both in the same time.

Hmmmm, if I understand you correctly, you could give this a try.

  1. Set your hip to Pose Space = World
  2. Set World Pose Translation = 0.0

It will make rotations match your rig in worldspace, whilst letting it translate freely.

If this isn’t it, maybe you have an example of the behaviour you are looking for?

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I think this is it. I am looking for a solution to a certain scenario. I will have to animate several characters blown away by an explosion. I was trying to modificate and combine different motion capture shots from the store, but I think It is possible to make it more appealing with simulations. That is why I am trying to master Ragdoll, since it could be the most cost-effective solution for this scenario.

Sounds interesting. If you’re able to share any experiments, I’d love to see it and could potentially provide some tips and tricks along the way. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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