Playback and Record issues

After “record” the physics simulation, I noticed that the baked keys came out noisy (like jittering) please how do I fix this thanks. at the bottom of the screen, it is also showing “skipped”.

Hi @Nebeolise, welcome to the forums (all the way from YouTube) :partying_face:

Would it be possible to share what you see? And could you list the steps someone (such as myself) can take to make what you see happen on my machine?

That’s most likely related to playback speed, have a look here.

Basically i have set up the wing of a creature that i am animating following one of your toturials were you demonstrated with a dragon rig. and that was working fine until time to play on viewport and i noticed that it wasnt caching properly. and when i tried to bake the simulation it ended up showing alot of noisy on the wing

sorry i cannot share the full screen shot of the model as i have signed a very heavy NDA

Maya is the culprist!!! after i switched from realtime to play every frame, it will somehow switch back to realtime before playing the simulation on viewport. and when i open the option i will see that it has reset to realtime and tried switching a couple more and it switched back. so i have to restart my system and now everything is working fine. thank you

Those little yellow bars is an indicator that Maya skips frames during playback. Set playback to “Play Every Frame” to deal with that. If Ragdoll isn’t seeing every frame, the results will look different every time you play.

Set your Polygons to be invisible, seeing the Markers and constraints is enough to get an idea of what’s going on. For one, I can see that those wings are very thin. It’s not clear how they connect to the body, which a more complete screenshot can help with.

Ah, ok. There we go. :slight_smile: