Pixar Hair Physics within Ragdoll?

I was curious after seeing the medusa example that if having different effects based on water, wind, etc.
EVEN if it was JUST for curly hair that’d be a huge improvement! It’d be even better if it was possible to simulate it like Brave, Moana, Etc. from Pixar? Best video & papers I can give examples for:


Brave Hair Paper~

Brave Hair Video~

I’d say that Ragdoll is as good at hair simulation as a hair solver is for simulating ragdolls.

Can it be done? Yes. Is there a better tool for the job? Yes.

The reason the Medusa example works is because you want control over each individual snake. You want that deep level of customisation and accuracy between each of them. For hair, you want something more akin to crowd simulation. High level control over thousands of parameters. Sometimes, you just gotta pick the right tool for the job.