Pin two chain extremities in world space

Good afternoon,

I am new on Ragdoll, learning it on my side to discover all its possibilities, great job to the developers!
In case my question has already been replied in a other topic, feel free to point it to me :slight_smile:

I would like to create a simple chain, lets say a rope attached to two extremities.
How can I pin the extremity to world space or something please?


Hi @Tibop, welcome to the forums :partying_face:

To attach a rope, select the first and last elements of the chain and set their Marker attribute “Behaviour” to “Kinematic”.

Here’s a good starter-video on Ragdoll if you haven’t come across it already.

Any other questions, feel free to keep posting, good luck!

Hi Marcus!
Thanks indeed that was easy! Thanks a lot for your response! Have a great day!

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