Pin converging FK chains

How do you join both straps to the surrounded zone… I tried pin but no luck… Both straps are FK chains converging in that point

horse.rag (2.1 MB)
Physics file

Pin Constraint should work well if your horse is entirely animated, you can e.g. parent them to the head for them to follow. If you also edit the rotation pivot to be at the tip of the connecting capsule you’ll get more accurate results too. From there it’s a matter of increasing the translate stiffness such that there is less flex. (106.5 KB)

For completeness, if your horse was simulated and you couldn’t parent any pin constraint to the horse head, you can use the Attach Constraint instead which follows the same principle.

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Thanks for the tips.

Is it possible to change that pivot rotation of the capsule from Ragdoll or it depends of the control pivot?

Yes, since 2023.04.01 you can change the pivot of Pin Constraints like you change the pivot of normal Maya objects, e.g. by pressing Insert or holding the D key on your keyboard.

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