Parts of the character do not fully follow the solver's movements

Hello. I started researching the plugin and ran into a problem that I couldn’t find an answer to.
I have a character whose body movements I want to complement with body swaying. I made a sketch and found that the original model did not fully follow the solver’s movements.
How can I make the rigged model follow the solver exactly?

Also I also noticed that if I use the “snap to simulation” command, the rigged model will be in the desired position in single frame

Thanks for posting this here alongside the video from the chat

Are you referring to the simulated spine not following your animation perfectly? I see that you’ve set the head and paws to Animated. If you set the spine to Animated as well, then it will follow perfectly.

But then, what are you looking to get from the simulation? When everything is Animated, then the simulation replicates your animation entirely.

If not the spine, then can you point at what it is that you think isn’t following closely enough? Are you able to reproduce this problem a new scene with just a cube or set of joints? Something I can try and replicate on this end.

I need the animated model’s spine to follow the simulated one exactly. In the original animation there is no movement at all on the spine. They appear in the simulation and I want to transfer them to the rigged model

Aha yes now I see.

Ok, in this case you need to think of Ragdoll as an animator. What would an animator do to move that spine? Is there a control that can be keyframed to do it?

If so, you need to tell Ragdoll to set keyframes on this control. That’s called “retargeting” and works like this.

  1. Select Marker, via e.g. the Manipulator or Outliner
  2. Select control, the one responsible for moving the spine
  3. Ragdoll → Edit → Retarget

Now when you record, Ragdoll will keyframe this control with motion coming from the Marker you selected.

If you have assigned to joints already, and those joints are driven by some kind of IK, then it’s likely you need to keep retargeting such that Ragdoll does not accidentally set keyframes on those joints.

See here for details.

Thanks, it seems to have helped. Looks a little strange, but looks like Ineed to look deeper into what to attach the markers to.


Ideally you would assign to the controls that you want to keyframe, but sometimes - like in the case of a IK spine - controls typically don’t move with the character. That’s when you need to assign to what you want to follow, and retarget to what you want to keyframe.

It’s safe to mix and match; most controls likely do follow the character, so assigning to those can make your life simpler.