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My name is Matt I am from the team at TrailerFarm, we make game trailers like this -

We are working on some in-game cut-scenes for an upcoming triple-A release we can’t share the specifics of the project until an NDA is signed but we are currently looking for an experienced Ragdoller to come on board between May 1st and June 2nd.

We would need the artist to be well-versed in Maya. As an overview, we are looking for an artist to open fully animated scenes and simulate secondary controls, including cloth and hair, etc. Ragdoll templates are available already but may require some editing. Our Animation Lead would be happy to discuss the specific tasks and we can share a full detailed brief once an NDA is signed.

If you are interested, please feel to email me at

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Thanks for sharing @TrailerFarm, and welcome to the forum. :partying_face:

To keep the thread alive, I would love to hear more about your Ragdoll templates. What are they, how do they work, what is your workflow for them?

Hey Marcus! I’m the Lead Animator at TrailerFarm and I have been creating and using the Ragdoll Templates that Matt speaks of.

Our Templates are .RAG files that can be imported onto animated characters. These .rag files consist of a kinematic version of the base body (for collisions) and dynamic secondary objects.

The task at hand is simply open existing animation scenes, Import the necessary .rag template, and record the simulation. The trouble is, there are plenty of instances where this doesn’t work 100% due to forced clipping or teleporting characters, so manual tweaks are necessary to get the simulation to behave.

As for the mentioned ‘editing’ of the .rag Templates… I am still fairly new to RagdollDynamics, so my approach (I’m sure) could be improved. It would be VERY interesting to see how a seasoned Ragdoller would approach this task and if I’ve made any fundamental mistakes. However, we are currently using the templates, and things are working to our desired level of quality.

Hope that answers your question :saluting_face:

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Very cool usecase, thanks for sharing!