Opening RD file without RD installed


I’m working from another computer that doesn’t have Ragdoll on it. I was wondering if I worked on a second computer, and opened the same file on my main file, would I lose anything? Will everything like groups, limits, and sim be saved?

Right now, the solver turned into a group node and I’m worried that if working on this file without RD installed will be pointless.

Thanks a lot.

Hi @WangChoBo, welcome to the forums! :partying_face:

The Ragdoll attributes are stored on custom nodes that ship with the plug-in, it’s not clear whether Maya is able to keep track of these when the plug-in is not present.

Your safest bet is to either:

  1. Record your simulation and run Ragdoll > System > Delete All Physics before saving and working on the file elsewhere.
  2. Install Ragdoll on your second computer.

You won’t need an active licence to open files with Ragdoll nodes in it, it will open and save just fine. You just won’t be able to actively run a simulation without a licence, that’s the part that requires a licence.

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