Offset to simularion?


Is possible to offset a bit the collision of one or more markers to avoid this kind of issues?

It’s hard when converting to mesh one manipulator to exactly keep the shape so sometimes I miss (if it doesn’t exist yet) to apply a kind of offset and “move” the manipullator a little bit

Not at the moment, but I see what you mean. It would be possible to add a Shape Padding attribute to account for this, but in the meantime you can try selecting the vertices of your mesh and move them along their normal.

Btw, that looks like a very old version of Ragdoll. If there are issues specific to an older version we cannot provide any support for it, so I’d recommend downloading the latest version asap.

Sure… Changing of version while in a project it’s a bit dangerous :sweat_smile: so I prefer don’t do it. It’s a pity since I see interesting changes and new tools. Sorry if I bothered

No bother, the advice applies to both old and new versions.

Newer versions are entirely backwards compatible, so updating should not have any effect on your current scenes. If there is, then please report it as that would be a bug. I take backwards compatibility very seriously, people should be able to update without issue.

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