Non dynamic deforming mesh as influencer?

Hey guys,

Quick question.

Is it possible to use a single deforming mesh as an influencer on my markers? ‘Assign Environment’ is great, but of course only works on static geo. I don’t need the deforming mesh to be dynamic, but I’m hoping there’s a way that I can get my markers to interact with it.

I know the next best thing would be to create separate markers for my deforming mesh, but I was hoping there might be a clever solution that would allow the geo itself to interact with my markers. No worries if not!


Heya Ben,

Unfortunately, deformations do not carry into the solver. Only the shape from the first frame is preserved and used as a collider. Separate markers is the only way to cope with this, both now and most likely forever. It’s one of the limitations of the particular technology we are using.

I would use a rivet, and then add a marker in the rivet… that should help to interact with the Deforming mesh

Yep, no problem at all. I was fairly certain that was the case, just wanted to double check.

@Andrei_da_02 - that’s a great suggestion! I’m currently doing something similar. Will see how it goes!

Thanks guys!

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it would be cool to have a script that populated N number of points on a deforming mesh with a static sphere markers that followed a deforming mesh. just to be a collision object.

You could generate DemBones results (FBX of skinned bones from deforming mesh input) . You could just put markers into the bones directly as static markers.

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