Newbie questions re size of navigator HUD

im excited to try out RD

1 the navigator HUD is so small I cant read it on my giant screen is there any way to make it larger?
as really difficult to work with it so small

Hi @thosmos welcome to the forums!

You might want to play around with this value under Ragdoll - Preferences

Hope this helps



not really a great deal of help I have to go very close and squint. but its not the end of the world as I can I ball it anyway or see values in channel box thanks

Try restarting maya that should then get the font to be bigger

That resolution scale option was put in because Ragdoll was never quite able to play nice with Mac retina displays. Fonts are the one thing not updating dynamically as you drag that slider, but should update proper once you restart Maya or reload the plug-in. Let us know otherwise!