Necklace setup for Ragdoll


Not sure how to start to create a Ragdoll setup for a necklace:
Ik ? FK? May be make the part below a ik target for both sides? In this case, how to solve it? Any tips, please?


I think it will depend on what the necklace should do, what kind of motion you are looking for.

Maybe this can help.


The character moves and the necklace just follows his movements… he never touches the necklace or take it in his hands.
Nice job, very similar to what I’m looking for

Since that project, there’s a new Attach Constraint you can use to close the loop of your necklace. Select both ends, and call Ragdoll → Constrain → Attach to join them together.

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Another question. If I make an IK rig… Could I move the IK controller and the ik joints react to the movement?

Something like that

Yes, have a look here.

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Sometimes I wonder if Magnus is an AI server… so fast so helpful.



I wish, that would save me so much time. :blush: Sometimes I just happen to be browsing the forum when someone asks a question.


Something I noticed is that after deleting the bakeresultscontainer and uncache from the Ragdoll menu when simulating there were keys from the previous simulation in the new one… restarting Maya I fixed that… Did I miss something? A bug?

Can you help me reproduce what you are seeing on my end? Or can you show me via a screen recording what you are seeing?

If your controls have no keys to begin with, Ragdoll will store the starting position by putting an initial key on them. When you delete the animation layer, those keys will remain. You can disable this in the Options, but you probably want to keep them on, as otherwise it will forget the starting position of your necklace when/if you remove the layer.

Thanks for your help again.
This is the “original” scene with that simulation

Then, exactly in that frame I change the animation, delete the bake and when simulating I got this

When I reload the scene and simulate again I got the animation I created. It looks the IK target didn’t behave as expected

I can’t quite figure out what you are aiming for, but I threw this together which is 2 IK chains, both controlled by 1 main control.

I’ve then assigned to these joints, such that when I try to record, I’ll record onto the joints. But that’s no good, because the joints cannot be keyframed; they are driven by the IK controls.

So instead, I’ll remove any targets from the joints, and retarget only the controls I’m interested in.

And viola, the IK controls now get the simulation instead.

Is this what you meant?

It helps me a lot although not exactly what I mean… What I’m looking for is something like this:

The char never takes the medal ( in fact it’s not a medal but as instance) but I need the medal to be animated by hand a little bit and the ribbon afected by ragdoll.

Ah, in that case, make a single chain and use a Pin Constraint as your IK handle. No need for Maya’s IK.


I didn’t know that constraint… magic by Ragdoll!! Thanks, Magnus. If one day you come to Spain you will be invited for a meal :slight_smile:

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My pleasure, just make sure to put the correct name on my invitation. :blush: