NC11 Ragdoll


I’ve setup a ragdoll using one of the NC11 rigs.

I am using these solver settings

Gravity = -500
Scene Scale = 5

I am using Custom world space set to 0 and animating it to -1.

Pose Stiffness = .07

The rig height is 164cm = 1.64m

These are the results:

Felling better after adding leg limits and changing these values

Gravity = -500

Scene Scale = 10

Pose stiffness = .2

Now just gotta finish limiting the rest of the body.

Here’s the result after limits were set, and tweaking some of the solver settings as well

Gravity = -982

Scene Scale = 4

Pose stiffness = .3

Only one key frame at T-pose and animated custom space from 0 to -1 to make the fall