Muscle setup

Hi guys,

I’d like to understand a process of setting up a muscle system. I’ve tried to sort it out using Jason’s logic for settle down fingers using support markers. Apparently, it doesn’t work for me though. Also, I’ve seen the topic from Marcus about 1-2-3-point muscle system. Unfortunately, i doesn’t help to understand
the comprehensive way how to set it up as well.

Kind regards, Yuriy

What have you tried so far? What didn’t work, what happened? What about the 1-2-3 point system could use more details?

For reference, here’s that thread.

So nothing special so for, just create a locator for biceps sim. Made a marker of it, constrained using two distances constraints between the arm joint and the locator itself( biceps muscle); and between the locator and the wrist joint. Then reparent bicep marker into arm hierarchy to follow the arm movement. Changed translated motion to Soft and set its stiffness to 12. Something like this :slight_smile:

No video examples? :cry: