Hey Everyone!

Using Attach Constraints on the hand here. Hand to Chest constraint… this keeps the pin more ground to the character rather than a fixed spot in world space.

I’m still ironing out the workflow but here’s a sneak peek

What you can get when you layer it all up…

  • Record the sim.
  • Constrain the Attach Pin to the baked result.
  • Bake the constraint of the Attach Pin.
  • Repeat for any other appendage you’d like.

More to come


That’s genius. I was struggling to make a feature for recording the Live Mode dragging of limbs, because the Pin Constraint can’t actually do much of what Live Mode can. For example, when Live Mode drags on a parent, like the upper arm, it also automatically assigns invisible Attach Constraints to the lower arm and hand to maintain their pose.

But this, dragging an actual Pin Constraint around, that is possible! This also falls within the ethos of where Ragdoll is going; layered, interactively animated motion. More to come indeed!

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I’m going to try something crazy, and ‘retarget’ an ‘attach constraint’ to its marker… that way I can just record to selected and have the attach constraints be the only thing with anim- for layering .

Way faster than, - bake -constrain - bake .


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That… should work! :open_mouth:

You can benefit from the Fast and Loose Record mode to speed up recording further, potentially by a lot.

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It works REALLY well! can also retime or adjust these baked down Attach Pins …

Tried a 2 Attach Constraint setup 1 does the transforms … the other does the Rotations - not bad!


Let’s not forget this gem. :blush: