Multiple Ragdoll references

Hi there, I´m trying to find a solution for the problem that I have but I don´t really know what wold be the best approach.

I´m using ragdoll to make a small bush to collide with a sphere.

The problem is, there´s a way I can set up a Maya file with one bush and ragdoll and reference multiple times into a scene so all of them react to the sphere?

Now, if I reference 4 or 5 bushes, all of them have a little bit of jiggle because of the capsules collisions but only the firs one reacts with the sphere.

I imagine this is because every of the reference brings to the scene it´s own solver, so, is there a way to do this? I don´t want to copy one by one the bush and set it up every time with Ragdoll

Thanks a lot for your time.


Hey ! There’s a way to link your solvers so one solver to rule them all Link - Learn Ragdoll

That works perfect!!!

Thanks a lot Jason

Ragdoll Menu / edit / merge solvers (you have couple of options there)

That’s it, that will non-destructively connect solvers that you can later unlink which seems a good fit for your usecase.

There’s also a way to permanently merge two or more solvers into one, with this one here.

But can I merge solvers if the bushes that I have set up with rag doll are referenced??

Yep! Technically, merging means to move the connections from one solver to another. So by the time two solvers have been merged, the markers from both solvers will be connected to only 1 solver. And that’s possible even on a referenced scene. The old solver just can’t be deleted, but you could just hide it and forget about it.