More bounce

If you’re trying to get a bit more bounce in your life.

In the below video I have a sphere dropping and being flung into the wall with a timed newton field.
By default we see little to no bouncing, but increasing the bounciness value by a little we get some nice results

Most of the time you don’t want too much bouncing on human/ creatures as their muscle/fat would absorb a lot of the impact- but having more bounce on props or solid objects makes sense.

  • Try increase your bounciness. by default it’s at around 0.01
  • Lower your air density think of this as a damping on the motion, the higher the number the more like thick soup your air will be.

I’ve added a small tutorial on how to achieve the perfect bounce. There are a few gotchas, as the defaults are all tuned towards ragdolls rather than bouncing balls. But the gotchas can be repurposed to make your ragdolls better too!


Lovely !!! back to the basics… this will definitely help a lot ! thanks