Maya Internet Problem

I just picked up a subscription node locked license, but can’t activate it because Maya apparently isn’t connecting to the internet.

I’m signed into my Autodesk account and allowed Maya to communicate through Windows Defender Firewall. I’ve closed and reopened Maya and opened Ragdoll Dynamics, but it still says there’s no internet for checking update.

Is there a way to check to see if Maya is or isn’t connecting to the internet? It seems like it is, but I’m just not quite sure.

Any help would be great, thanks!

Hi @HappyMeals, sorry for the inconvenience!

Under Windows and Maya 2020, there’s a special circumstance that keeps Ragdoll from seeing whether there are any updates, could that be you?

It should however not affect your ability to activate Ragdoll, can you share the message you are seeing?

You can test your internet connection using something like this in your Script Editor.

import socket

    socket.create_connection(("", 80)).close()
    print("You've got internet")
except OSError:
    print("Maya can't reach the internet")