Maya Crashing // LINUX

Hey gang, anyone working on Linux?..

I am having a very weird and annoying crash
Maya 2018.6
Ragdoll 2022-07-20

NVIDIA CUDA. OpenCL 1.2 CUDA 11.0.228.
running Parellel Evaluation

It is very weird… I do have my RAGDOLL (basic FK chain 20 joints) , so far all good… collides with ground etc…

If I create a BOX and assign it to the Solver, Maya crashes
If I create a Locator and assign it to the solver, all good
If I try utility/replace the mesh on that Locator/marker … Maya Crashes !!!

Just double checked on a new scene, as soon as I try to assign Utility/Replace Mesh… it crashes…
Any clue?.. @marcus

What can I do to help debug… . I whish I have more info…

thank you !

Hm, are you able to test on Maya 2019 or above? 2018 went out of support when 2023 came out, so I’m unable to test on 2018 anymore. Quite likely this is a bug specific to 2018.

not for this project, it has been set to work on 2018.6
but i will see what I can do…

Any script editor or terminal descriptions can be useful?
Should I try to fin something on the text/terminal after the crash happens?

-For now, I might be able to manage assigning an Environment

Thank you Marcus

It’s really hard to debug without having 2018 available here. It looks like it’s breaking whenever there is a mesh involved; your best bet might be to work with joints, locators or empty groups; thing that don’t have any polygons.

I’m trying here on Maya 2020 Linux and I cannot reproduce any crashes. :frowning: Once we’re back from Siggraph by end of next week I’ll see if we can do a bit more investigation.

Is anyone else experiencing crashes on 2018 + Linux? Let us know here.

If this helps…
ENVIRONMENT worked pretty good and helped me to solve the shot

thank you

@marcus i just tested on Same Linux Same machine, Maya 2022 and Mesh replace is working…
Any info /error or text I can get for you to help fixing the bug?

Current show is running on 2018.6 would be great to have it working …

Thank you !

Sorry for the delay on this one, I’m bouncing emails with Autodesk to get hold of a licence for Maya 2018 on Linux They really really want people to upgrade. :sweat_smile: Stay tuned, once I can actually run it I can have this fixed in no-time.

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Thank you !
So far apart from that… it is working and responding pretty nice !!

A non-update on this.

After several correspondences with Autodesk, their various support teams, sales teams and external sales teams, I got nowhere with this. They have cranked their corporate-speak up to 11, which I assume will be a pattern whenever their software goes out of date. They simply don’t support 2018 anymore, and soon 2019 will disappear as well.

On the one hand, it’s a real bummer since many users are still on 2018. But on the other I completely understand; there are people still using Ragdoll from 2021 and it is heartbreaking to know they are suffering through the hot garbage that Ragdoll used to be back then. :sweat_smile:

So what will have to happen is (1) next release can do nothing to improve the crashing situation and (2) the following release, or the one after, will drop support for 2018 altogether. So long as we are a plug-in for Maya we are limited by the choices of Autodesk.


Thank you Marcus for the update :pray:

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