Marker movement offset from rig controller


Hi guys,
First of all, this isn’t often happened, first time actually.
I can’t find out why the rBody_Marker movement incrementally offseted from actual rig controller. Is this rig issue? I simply used Assign and Connect on body_ctrl up to the spline and head. all the other part of Markers works correctly except this Body Marker.

Any idea why and how can I fix this? Thanks!

Update, I found out this happened right after I do the ‘’ Replace Mesh ‘’ for the Shape. It was fine if I use either box or sphere.

Hi @Orange, this is because of double-transformation. The foot is likely deformed by that rig, so whenever you move it, you also move the vertices which will update the collision mesh for Ragdoll too.

Try replacing the mesh without Maintain History to avoid it, or duplicate that foot mesh first, and replace using it instead.

Hi @marcus,
That works! Replace Mesh without ‘‘Maintain History’’

Thank you very much Marcus! :+1: