Marker Attributes Missing

When trying to tweak marker attributes (whether that be through a group or individual markers), I find that the attributes tab is missing. To be specific, it is the tab with the options to adjust Rotate stiffness, Rotate dampening, Behavior, etc.

I saw from other help topic that the simulation may be cached but I don’t think I have anything cached. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Upon further investigation I can confirm nothing is cached. I created a new file with a test rig and the attributes panel also did not appear. Still new to this addon so forgive me for any obvious mistakes I missed.

Looks like I found a solution, I created a copy of the file in blender and for some reason this made the attributes panel reappear again. Sorry for all the trouble folks.

Hi @boop20, welcome to the forums! :partying_face:

From your screenshot, it looks like you’ve got a group selected, and the attributes you see are group attributes, with the stiffness etc. being accessible in the collapsed tab below:

To manipulate markers, either select them in the outliner, or from the viewport when you are in Manipulator mode like in the screenshot.