Manikin Mocap Clips

Hi all,

I’ve put together some motion capture clips for Manikin v3 - a.k.a. ManiCap.

These ones are originally from the default Maya 2020 Content Browser.


The motion capture is provided as ATOM clips, to use them you’ll need the atomImportExport plug-in loaded.

Once you’ve got it loaded, you’ll find the ATOM menu item under Maya’s File menu.

  1. Reference the Manikin rig
    • Give the reference a namespace, such as ns
  2. Select all controls
  3. Open File → ATOM → Import Animation…
    • Set Import Method: Hierarchy
    • Set Match Method: String
    • Set Search: namespace
    • Set Replace: ns
  4. Apply

If you chose a different namespace, enter that namespace instead. The animation was exported under the namespace namespace.

Feel free to use these as you please, and post anything in #showcase :partying_face: Any issues with the clips or import method itself, please feel free to post here!



Here’s one more. :blush:

This one is a loop, so set the resulting animation to Cycle with Offset and watch him go!

This is the Climbing Ladder clip from Mixamo