Mad Max Car

I found a cool LEGO model on Mecabricks recently and decided to see if I could set it up with physics.

Here’s how it went!

Primarily, this LEGO setup does not lend itself well to steering haha!

  1. The front wheels are attached at an angle, meaning that steering involves moving each wheel along the length of the car, resulting in on wheel always having to lift off
  2. There is only one axis of suspension, the rear wheels, that both have to move together

Other than that, it’s a pretty fun experiment. :smiley: On an implemenation note, these are all hinge joints, including the wheels.


It occurred to me that the rear wheels was attached to a piston rather than a point, and with that they do move a little more naturally, a little more interestingly. :smiley:

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Heckin cool!
So much lovely springyness.