Looking for easier ways to select Markers

Hi Marcus,
I am looking for alternative way to select tons of Markers in once, usually I either turn on mirror selection or select one by one, however I wonder how if I can box select Markers? or select Markers from Outliner ?


In Maya, you can select Markers in the Outliner by right-clicking in the Outliner and showing DG nodes. They will be near the bottom.

There is also an option in the Assign Markers menu item to put new Markers into an Object Set, which will make them appear alongside DAG nodes. You can also retroactively put Markers into an Object Set once you’ve found them in the Outliner as DG nodes.

There is also a menu item under Ragdoll → Select → Markers for selecting all Markers. From there, you can also put them in an Object Set.

Box Select via the Manipulator is on the list of things to do.


Yeah amazing! now i can create quick selection sets for Markers I want. Thank you very much Marcus!

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