Locomotion on four legged organic creature

hi there! im pretty new to the plugin! let me know what other materials i need to provide to troubleshoot the issue i have. im testing locomotion plan on a gorilla like creature, which will walk on all fours. rig is using maya hik.

as seen in the pic below,

  1. how do i rotate the hips box to represent the whole torso? is there a way to offset the body? i wasnt able to find these in the channel boxes.

  2. how do i change the position where the front limbs are attached to the body?

  3. or did i choose the wrong bone for the body? mayb i should be selecting the middle spine controller instead? i used the hip bone for body

Hi @lpchow, I’ve had a look at this and there does seem to be an issue with a base with orientation in Ragdoll 2023.12.13.

We will investigate a fix for this. In the meantime, you can work around it by assigning to a non-oriented locator, and constraining your character to it.

  1. Make new locator
  2. Place approximately at the root or center of gravity of your character
  3. Assign plan
  4. Constrain your character to the locator
  5. Plan to animation

Your character is now following this locator, which doesn’t have the orientation problem.

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